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We are readers, we are writers,

& we are problem solvers.

But in our bones,


We love designing weather experiments with third graders, plotting a monarch butterfly’s route to Mexico with Kindergartners, and reading “The Lottery” with eighth graders. We ask big questions, like “What makes a rocket ship fly?”, small questions like, “Why is ⅓ larger than ¼?.” And wild questions like, “Could you bring dinosaurs back using DNA from a chicken?”  We love the sound of 24 pencils scratching away in composition books. We love thorny problems and new ideas. And yes, we are also project managers who love a good spreadsheet.


In our bones, though, we at Doctrina Education Consulting are teachers. We have lived and breathed instructional materials development for the last ten years, and we see our core mission as serving teachers and their needs. We believe that instructional materials are a lever for change and one of the most important keys to unlocking student potential.



Over two decades Lisa has worked as an educator, literacy coach, curriculum developer, professional development facilitator and content strategist with a laser focus on empowering teachers to continually improve their practice. With many years of experience in public school classrooms, Lisa leverages her deep knowledge about the realities of the classroom towards creating the highest quality curricula that is implemented with integrity at scale. Lisa started the English Language Arts side of the business at LearnZillion, developing the standards-aligned design and production of thousands of instructional videos, two ELA core curriculums and a library of student managed lessons to lift the quality of student writing. Additionally, she secured the first supplemental content partner, DC Public Library, and directed the creation of two digital content lines with a focus on use in DC Public Schools.

Lisa has served on several charter school boards as well as the boards of organizations focused on children and education: The SEED DC Public Charter School, National Children’s Medical Center, Georgetown Heritage. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Simmons College and a Masters in Teaching from American University.


Marley has over 10 years of experience in education as a teacher, coach, curriculum writer, content strategist and product manager. Marley has been instrumental in the creation of the Guidebooks and EL Education Language Arts products and charged with evolving the ELA product line. Marley also co-designed prototypes of high-impact instructional content aimed at bringing DC Public Library into classrooms. Marley started her career in education as a 3rd grade and upper elementary science teacher.  She has coached teams of teachers around building standards-aligned ELA and Science lessons and authored standards-aligned ELA assessments.

Marley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, a Master's of Social Work from Columbia University and a Master's of Science in Teaching from Fordham University.


For the last seven years, Posie has worked on all sides of curriculum product management, instructional content development, and professional learning. Posie has led the design of over 6,000 instructional videos built from the Common Core State Standards in Math and ELA; a K-5 “companion” curriculum designed to support teachers in facilitating productive struggle in elementary mathematics; and the development of digital, problem-based math curriculum in middle through high school. Prior to her work in curriculum development, Posie was a third grade teacher in rural Louisiana.

Posie is particularly passionate about helping non-profit organizations find a way to reach K-12 classroom audiences through curriculum. Her work in this area extends from Delaware to New Mexico to Brazil to Romania to Louisiana and to India. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Brown University.

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